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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Get into uniform with the latest Star Trek face-masks

The Star Trek Shop has expanded its range of Star Trek face-masks with seven new designs joining the collection, based on TOS, TNG, and Discovery; these join the previous TOS and Picard options. Most of these fill an obvious costuming opportunity, taking inspiration from a variety of Starfleet uniforms. There's also a Star Trek pride design.

As was the case with the previous designs, ViacomCBS are donating all the profits from the sale of these to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response. Continue below to check out all the options:

TNG and Discovery uniforms are both represented by one design each, both command division:

TOS uniforms meanwhile get the full range of colours, with command, science, and engineering uniforms all offered:

Following a similar format, there's also a Starfleet Academy option:

Finally, adding to the Star Trek Shop's Pride range, there's a Live Long and Prosper Vulcan salute in pride colours:

You can find all these face masks, plus the previous TOS and Picard designs, on the Star Trek Shop.

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