Sunday 7 June 2020

Star Trek (2009) storyboards reveal unseen and alternate creature designs

Storyboard artist Richard Bennett has been sharing some of his work from the first Kelvin timeline movie, Star Trek, revealing some really cool creature designs, and a cut scene. Continue below to check them out.

This first sequence, which Bennett shared in two posts on his Instagram account, reveals a cut scene where Spock travels through a series of conduits, and encounters a huge snake-like creature, with lots of teeth and tendrils!

This next sequence is more familiar. Taking us from the moment Kirk lands on Delta Vega, through to meeting Spock. Along the way he encounters two Delta Vega creatures, the Drakoulias and Hengrauggi, which Bennett rendered with slightly different (and reallycool) designs to those we see on-screen. He shared this sequence in another two posts on his Instagram account.

You can see much more of Richard Bennett's work on his Instagram, which as well as Star Trek includes work on Marvel movies, Aliens, King Kong, and other movie and comic project.

If you're interested in the production of the Kelvin timeline movies there are some great books, including Star Trek: The Art of the Film, which focuses just on the first film in the series, and The Art of the Star Trek Kelvin Timeline, which spans the whole trilogy.

And for lots more behind the scenes coverage from all of Trek, check out my behind the scenes and concept art tags. To keep track of all the latest Kelvin timeline news, have a look back through my Kelvin tag, for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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