Saturday 13 June 2020

Fleet Command introduces Harry Mudd to the Kelvin timeline

The Kelvin timeline video game Fleet Command has revealed the latest story arc in the game; Outlaws, which will introduce Harry Mudd to the Kelvin timeline, and curiously seems to team him up with Khan! - Who was himself liberated from his freezer when the Augments became a faction in the game last year. Continue below to find out more.

Scopely have made a brand new design for Mudd, with a modernised twist on his costume, and it seems a bit of a strict diet plan having been undertaken by the notorious scoundrel! My favourite detail from the new design is the vainglorious ginormous M on his belt buckle, which you can see in this little character preview video:

Mudd can be claimed by taking part in new missions introduced as part of Outlaws, as can several other characters: Also available are three Augments; Navi, Pan and Rima. You can find out about the specific abilities of each via Scopely's Q and A blog.

The update also introduces an updated Botany Bay, and new features in Augment Space; the area of space occupied by the Augments in the game. That includes thirty-five new missions, which can mostly be played for free, although one set of five side missions can only be accessed after making an in-game purchase.

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rassmguy said...

That's supposed to be Harry Mudd???

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