Monday 1 June 2020

FanSets reveal Discovery season 3 Burnham, and other new pins

FanSets, makers of collectable pins, are so excited about Discovery season 3's arrival (whenever that might be), that they've travelling to the future already and and brought back the new look Michael Burnham; with her rather spectacular hair. Check out this new pin below, and other new Star Trek pins from Fansets:

Burnham joins several other new Discovery MicroCrew pins from FanSets. Two versions of Georgiou have recently joined the collection; the new Section 31 version, and a Terran Emperor version released a couple of weeks ago:

 Also released last month was the Discovery in-uniform version of Spock:

There's also something new from Picard, a neat prop inspired Fenris Ranger calling card pin. This is a little smaller than the character pins, measuring 2.54cm across.

Rather larger (5.08cm wide) is this Captain Janeway pin. Following the debut of their Women of Star Trek range last year, offered as a collection, FanSets are now starting to offer some of the pins individually; starting with Janeway. This one sold out pretty quickly when it went up a couple of weeks ago, but fear not, FanSets are now taking pre-orders for their next delivery.

FanSets have also announced an expanded and tweaked line-up for this series. Originally they planned that the distinctive glitter effect used for these designs to be exclusive to the initial collected version of the series, but they've now decided to go ahead and make them all glittery.

The Borg Queen and Edith Keeler will remain exclusive to the collected release. But they have now announced the release dates for the other individual releases of the rest of the series, plus several new characters not in the original collection. Following Janeway we will get:

  • Jedzia Dax (new, 1st June) 
  • Nyota Uhura (18th June)
  • Seven of Nine (new, 18th June)
  • T'Pol (1st July)
  • Dr. Crusher (15th July)
  • Nurse Chapel (new, 15th July)
  • Kira Nerys (1st August)
  • Deanna Troi (15th August)
  • Soji (new, 15th August)
  • Michael Burnham (1st September)
  • Hoshi Sato (new, 15th September)
  • Sylvia Tilly (new, 1st October)

It would seem those dates have been tweaked a little already though as a more recently FanSets have also announced a few more pins, with the next in the Women of Star Trek range being Uhura on the 15th of June, and no sign of Dax yet. Also due on the 15th, the Picard MicroCrew series will be kicking off with Seven of Nine and Elnor. And later, the final EpisodePins for Discovery season two (just Such Sweet Sorrow left), should then follow at the start of July.

1 comment:

JamieB said...

Possible spoiler for season 3.
Is Burnham back wearing a command uniform?
Gold on the sides but not the shoulders, not the Captain, but maybe 1st officer.

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