Monday 6 April 2020

Star Trek jigsaws to wind away your time

Stuck at home in need of something to do? Maybe you need a jigsaw puzzle to fill a few hours? Well lucky you, there are several recent Star Trek designs just waiting to be put together. Continue below to check out the latest:

New to the world of Star Trek are Cobble Hill, who last year launched a range of Star Trek designs spanning all the older series. All of their Star Trek designs are 1000 piece puzzles, and all come with a poster too (I assume of the same design).

My favourite of the collection is their Women of Star Trek puzzle, which celebrates all the major female characters from TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise:

It's a little alarming that all the major female characters, and quite a few one episode characters too, can actually fit on a single design like this... But that's all the more reason to celebrate them! And thankfully should a new-era design come along later, it's reassuring to think that Discovery and Picard's efforts to improve representation in Trek could generate as many lead female characters as all the older series combined!

Anywho... The trusty art of of Juan Ortiz is the subject of two of Cobble Hill's designs, one each celebrating his retro poster designs for TOS and TNG episodes:

Another poster-based design features the posters of the first ten Star Trek movies:

And a final TOS design uses an assortment of screencaps and promotional photos:

But wait, there's more! Aquarius have been in the Star Trek puzzle business for many years now, and have several more TOS designs released recently. Here for instance is a fun retro design inspired by Gold Key Comics montage covers of old. Also 1000 pieces:

This 500-piece puzzle features a classic Spock and Kirk promo photo:

And this smaller 100 piece "pocket sized" puzzle also focuses on Spock:

Some of these newer designs seem to be a little tricky to get hold of right now; Cobble Hill aren't selling directly at the moment due to the impact of Covid-19, and availability is patchy on Amazon for some designs, who are also dispatching on a more limited basis due to Covid-19. A couple are up on Entertainment Earth, and of course if you shop around there are loads of other older Star Trek jigsaw designs to be found - Ethics of online ordering at the moment I leave you to ponder; if in doubt, maybe it's a better time to dig out some old classics and wait to indulge in new things later?

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