Friday 24 April 2020

Cherry Tree reveal their Pixmit hoodie

Borg Cube PC makers Cherry Tree have revealed the final look of their pixmit hoodies, which are part of a pack of goodies you can get when you order one of their Picard Borg Cube PCs. The pixmet, (sort of Romulan tarot cards) "destroyer" card was of course featured in Picard, giving Cherry Tree a chance to produce a really distinct bit of Trek merch. Check out below, plus a look at their actual PCs!

The hoodie will come along with the Picard ATX Cube PC, along with a blueprint of the cube, and a bespoke crate.

Cherry Tree have also been sharing looks behind the scenes building the actual Borg Cubes. There's something a bit menacing about a Borg Cube factory!

Here's how the forcefields are made:

And here are some nice shots of the final thing:

The Picard Borg Cube ATX is available to order now from Cherry Tree, either as a fully built out PC, or just the case.

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