Monday 23 April 2018

New Star Trek swimwear from ThinkGeek

Another summer approaching brings us another new wave of releases in ThinkGeek's ongoing range of Star Trek swimwear. This year's releases see new men's versions of the TOS and TNG uniform inspired swimwear release for women in previous years. But first...

Adding to the women's collection, is this gloriously zany 80s/90s print style TNG ships one-piece swimsuit, featuring a cocktail of Starfleet and alien ships from TNG.

The men's collection include two sets of shorts. The TOS uniform style shorts featuring the rank braiding around the cuffs, and an insignia on one side. Of course they are available in all the department colours.As mentioned above, these are the parallel to the women's two-piece released last year.

The TNG uniform shorts take a similar approach with the insignia placement, but otherwise are a a sort of miniaturised version of the uniform top, with the black section swooping up along the bottom of the short. Again there is a women's parallel, a series of one-piece swimsuits released a couple of years ago.

Finally, if you're off on your holidays, you might also want to pack another of ThinkGeek's recent releases (made by The Coop), to ensure you have the most enjoyable of times: Available as a candle holder, is the classic icon of Risian hedonism, the horga'hn. It comes with a little cap so you can conceal its dual function. But why not use that subtle flickering light to make your jamaharon experiences extra romantic? It has a neat two-tiered hole, so can hold either a tealight or a dinner candle.

Star Trek

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