Friday 6 April 2018

Latest Star Trek pins from Fansets and Anovos

Lots of pins to look at today, starting with the latest updates from Fansets' ever expanding range. Their newest release in the MicroCrew range of character pins is April Cornwell from Discovery, available since yesterday:

Meanwhile available from last month we have the first Star Trek Beyond pin in the range, Jaylah, who was released about the same time as Neelix:

Fansets have also announced release dates for forthcoming pins: The DS9 25th anniversary pin is expected to ship from the 15th of this month. Then due on the 1st of May is the Star Trek Beyond survival suit Kirk, followed by Fleet Captain Pike on the 15th. Two further as yet unspecified MicroCrew characters will also be released in April and May.

Fansets have also announced the retirement and vaulting of several Star Trek pins. The unranked Michael Burnham pin will soon vanish, and the TOS 50th anniversary pin has already sold out. Many other character and ship pins are also being vaulted, meaning they won't be produced for at least six months to make room for new releases. You can find a listing on the Fansets blog.

Anovos are also getting in on the pin game, with a range of six designs originally offered to people on Star Trek Cruise II in January. Meant as souvenirs, they are all dated 2018, but only some of them are otherwise very cruise specific. All six have now been offered online, with the highlights including fun spinning part pins featuring prime/mirror Spock and young/old Sulu.

If you really want, you can also get a lanyard to pin them to.

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