Tuesday 6 October 2015

Starships Collection updates: Titan passes 5000, latest previews, possible book, and more!

Lots of updates from Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection below. But first the news I've been waiting for, for a little over a year: The petition to get the USS Titan in the collection has now passed over the five-thousand signatures mark! Here's the collection's manager, Ben Robinson's response on Twitter:

Now I wouldn't expect anything to happen very fast, getting the list of names is just the first step, but as Ben has indicated, plans are now afoot on figuring out how to translate that interest into making the extra Titan issue a reality. Ben seemed very positive and determined to make this happen when I talked to him, and had some exciting thoughts on sharing the development process for this extra issue too. Until Eaglemoss finalise their plans for the next stage, please continue to try and seek out more fans of the Titan to sign the petition, I am sure a proportion of the names on there will not follow through with pre-ordering when the time comes, so the bigger the buffer the better, to make sure this happens!

Meanwhile, regular issues continue apace as ever! The latest to get their official solicitations are issues sixty-one and sixty-two, the Norway class, and Voth Research Vessel. These are due out in the UK first, this December, while other markets will follow behind as usual.

Also in the latest batch of solicitations is the first of the extra mirror universe issues, the ISS Enterprise. The three-pack of the Enterprises C, D, and E, has also been solicited for wider release, after the initial offering via Eaglemoss' online shop.

Back with Ben on Twitter, here's the first images of the Klingon D7 model, which will be coming as issue sixty-seven, early next year.

And the latest dedication plaque, this one for the original USS Enterprise.

Aside from the extra issues and dedication plaques, Ben also seems to be working on something else Star Trek, entirely separate from the collection, so presumably another series due to launch some time. So far he has avoided the slightest hint of saying what it is, other than it being something he would like to own himself, and that will apparently make us Star Trek fans very happy - Can't wait to see what it is!

Ben also provided an update on the status of the collection, which is still awaiting some number crunching on whether it might continue beyond the currently planned ninety issues. In doing so he did mention there will now be at least seven specials, which means there is still one yet to be announced (fingers crossed for Earth Spacedock!)

Meanwhile, the fifth special issue, the USS Kelvin, is due out very soon. Here's the preview UK subscribers got via email:

And of course Ben shared a few more images of this lovely model too:

And a lovely new rendering as well:

But possibly the most exciting thing Ben has ever shared is this artwork for the wonderful USS Kelvin salt and pepper shaker. I always wondered how the pepper component worked! I cannot fathom how this hasn't been made into something we can all buy and use already!

Speaking of exciting concept art, Ben tweeted this wonderful idea:
A thought/question - would people want a nice hardback book that collected the Designing Starships articles added a few and expanded  some?
That is the book I have always wanted! Please do and tell Ben you want it too! Maybe it will include some of this hoard of concept art Ben has to hand:

Back with the collection, Ben also posted this interesting image showing the development of the Romulan Bird of Prey, from pale green to the grain-infused print used on the final model:

That was the latest ship delivered to UK subscribers. And the next delivery will include the Borg Tactical Cube - Here's a new view of that model too:

Finally, Eaglemoss have updated their online ship with new images of the last few issues to be released, the Steamrunner class, D'kyr, and Saber class:

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Unknown said...

I really hope the Titan model happens. I would love to get my hands on one since I finally recently bought a Eaglemoss model of NX-01 since on of my local hobby stores carry them.

Benjamin said...

I would buy two Titans if it meant I could get at least one! Such a beautiful ship.

Fox said...

Sadly, the regular issues do not "continue apace." Setting aside the fact that Eaglemoss is YEARS late on some of the special issues for NA subscribers, they're also way behind on getting out the September issues (which are already 3 weeks late) AND not responding to email.

mcarp555 said...

Oddly enough, the announced price increase from issue 56 onwards in the UK, Ireland, Malta and Australia didn't happen. At least not yet. I'm curious to know if anyone in any other Eaglemoss markets has also been informed of any rise in the cover price.

Unknown said...

I got a postcard today advertising a Deep space nine special issue. "A highly detailed, precision die-cast, 8" diameter replica of Deep Space Nine"

Is this something new or are we repeating ourselves?

It also says It will be sent automatically unless I call a number by 10/19/15.

Unknown said...

Well I called the number and yes it is the First special issue. They didn't know why they are automatically sending to people who already have it, but I asked them to cancel it.

I just got an email from them telling me they cancelled my account and won't be receiving any more shipments from Eaglemoss!

No one is answering the phone when I called back, so I will try again tomorrow, but really? How can such a great product come from such a poor company?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got the same response. I think it's just a really poorly written automatic email. My account wasn't actually canceled, so I'm sure yours is fine too. But definitely call to make sure.

I've had a few problems due to the data transfer to the US but they've been pretty good at helping out when I call. So hopefully it's going to be back on track soon

Anonymous said...

I didn't knew, that there is a poll for the Enterprise-E too! Vote!

Don't miss my suggestion issues for the USS Titan and the USS Aventine for your Previsualisation! At least one of it will be a real issue soon! :)

I am already excited!!!

The Voth Research Vessel is a bit colorless. I'm missing the green touch.

And about the TOS D7... well... I don't need this at all, because its just a pale grey K't'inga without details... looks like an unfinished production...

The Kelvin salt and pepper shakes appeared somewhere in the 2009 movie! Its not just a artwork.

Fox said...

Well, yeah: the D7 is basically just a K'Tinga without any of the little details. It's probably the least noticeable "upgrade" any Star Trek ship has ever gotten, unless you count different models of the same ship (IE the 4' Ent-D versus the 6' Ent-D).

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was meant as "Enterprise-F" poll.

Btw... there is no Enterprise-F in my 193-suggestion-issues (currently at #75) schedule yet. Do you guys want one?

Unknown said...

Their customer service is shockingly bad. I've had multiple issues with missing ships or late ships and if you manage to get through on the phone. I would normally call them after work, around 6pm but their latest stunt is that calling them at this times plays a recorded message that states they are closed, and that their opening hours are 9am to 8pm. Um, last time I checked 6pm is two hours earlier than 8pm.
I'm sick of them at this stage. Seriously considering cancelling my subscription. Looking at the list of upcoming ships there's nothing really left that I want anyway. I would much rather of had things like the Titan in the first place instead of wasting the specials on those God awful ugly Abrams nuTrek ships.

Gojirasaurus said...

Looks like the Borg Cube petition also reached its goal. :)

Now for Ben...

Anonymous said...

Its 1000/5000 signatures. Far away from a goal for Ben.

Gojirasaurus said...

Look again. :)


Anonymous said...

Erm, 1013... this is still 3987 signatures away from 5000 signatures to be interesting for Ben and/or Eaglemoss's marketing. ;)

Gojirasaurus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gojirasaurus said...

It's also 48,987 signatures from 50,000. :D

Really, it's not up to you to decide the number that interests Ben. Paul started this petition, not Ben, and it's for an item that's canon. Ben would need a LOT more convincing on the others than this one, which is a major canon ship, and would actually just be a reissue.

Quite a different situation.

Let's rejoice that the petition succeeded and leave Ben to respond now (hopefully soon)! :)

(Repost. Damned Lazarus - the extension AND that damned beard too)

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