Tuesday 6 October 2015

Trek-wear: New skirts, scarves, hats, sportswear, bathrobes, and novelty T-shirts

Got your wardrobe ready for the winter? Well don't forget to add some Star Trek flare, with some of the latest releases - Although you might need to layer up (or enjoy summer in the southern hemisphere), as a lot of what's new is T-shirts! Continue below to check out all the latest Trek-wear, starting with something that definitely is ready for the cold:

New from ThinkGeek, Starfleet officers from both the 23rd and 24th centuries can keep warm with new Starfleet winter gear. Here's the TNG uniform styled hats and scarves:

And there's also a TOS uniform style hats and scarves too. All four ranges come in all three department colours:

And here are both sets, in action!

Also from ThinkGeek is this funky command insignia print skirt (which also features pockets *gasp*):

There is an almost never-ending supply of Star Trek T-shirts being produced, and some of my favourite recent ones comes once more from Trevco, who have expanded their range of sublimation print designs with several interesting subjects. Those include two T-shirts featuring Star Trek movie posters, specifically First Contact and The Search For Spock. I rather hope they decide to expand this line to other movies, as there are some great posters itching to be presented like this. Pictured here are the double-sided versions (they are also available with just the front printed):

In a similar vein there's a rare TAS design, featuring the promo artwork from the series:

There's also this retro-style TNG cast image:

Plus this Trexels crew gathering:

And I'm never able to resist something using the artwork from the Star Trek Haynes Manuals. The Enterprise cross-sections have appeared on T-shirts before, but surely this sublimation version is the best so far?

And that's not all, more Haynes artwork appears on several other T-shirts, including the mock-up covers for books on equipment:

Meanwhile, the most recent releases from Brainstorm Gear are for the more sports orientated. They have another Star Trek cycling jersey in their range, available in all three department colour variations. Pictured below is the female version in blue, and male in yellow.

A more simple design is used on their "Warp Factor" running shirt, also available in three colours (although not based on the classic department three this time):

Back at ThinkGeek, they've also taken the sporty angle with this Starfleet science division inspired raglan top:

Plus a whole load of sweatpants, and new yoga pants too, featuring variously Starfleet Academy, Ex Astris Scientia, Starfleet Command, and Boldly Go.

Finally, sit back and relax, in honour, with the new Klingon bathrobe, now available on StarTrek.com. They don't specify the makers, but I would imagine this comes from The Robe Factory, who have brought us several previous uniform-style bathrobes.

And that's the last item I have for your wardrobe today! Star Trek clothing seems to have tribble-like reproductive abilities (especially T-shirts), so I'm sure I'll be along with more soon enough!

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