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This Month: August 2015 Star Trek releases

August's Star Trek releases include the full 2016 calendar range, two books-only Star Trek prose titles, and two crossover comics as well! Continue below for details of all those and much more.


This month's new novel was the third in the Seekers series, Long Shot, a new adventure for the USS Sagittarius from David Mack.
SCIENCE GONE MAD…Bizarre sensor readings lead the Starfleet scout ship Sagittarius to an alien world where efforts to harness a dangerous and unstable technology have thrown the laws of probability out of balance. Now, events that might have occurred only one time in a trillion are hap­pening constantly—to deadly and dazzling effect.

A PLANET IN PERIL…As disasters and miracles multiply globally at an ever-increasing rate, it’s up to Captain Clark Terrell and his crew to shut down the experiment-gone-wrong before its storm of chaos causes the planet’s destruction. But the odds against their success—and their survival—might be too great to overcome.

There's also an ebook novella out this month, and it's from another books-only series, Peter David's New Frontier continues with the middle book in his The Returned trilogy.
Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur are back, picking up three months after the stunning events depicted in New Frontier: Blind Man’s Bluff. Calhoun's search of Xenex has failed to find any survivors, and now he is bound and determined to track down the race that killed them—the D'myurj and their associates, the Brethren—and exact vengeance upon them. His search will take the Excalibur crew into a pocket universe, where he discovers not only the homeworld of the D’myurj, but another race that shares Calhoun's determination to obliterate his opponents. But is this new race truly an ally…or an even greater threat?


The Star Trek ongoing series reached it's forty-eighth issue, and started a new two-part story, Deity, which focuses on Sulu. Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Tony Shasteen, you can see preview pages in my preview report.
In this all-new 2-part story called DEITY, the crew of Starship Enterprise discovers an uncharted world whose inhabitants worship vengeful gods... gods who now turn their wrath on Captain Kirk and his crew!

The nuTrek crew are also still busy figuring out what's going on with the Green Lanterns' visit to the Trekverse, in the second issue of The Specturm War crossover series. I've previously posted preview pages from this issue too, which was also written by Johnson, with art by Angel Hernandez.
The comics crossover event of 2015 continues here! Hal Jordan meets Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise for the first time as six Lantern rings choose new bearers! But which Trek characters - and which alien races - will be selected? Iconic franchises collide for the first time in this all-new galaxy-spanning epic!

If that's not enough crossover for you, August also saw the omnibus edition of the TOS/Planet of the Apes crossover series, The Primate Directive. That was written by Scott and David Tipton, with art by Rachael Stott.
STAR TREK: The hope for the best of mankind's future! PLANET OF THE APES: A chilling look at the fall of humanity! How could these worlds possibly collide? What could possibly cause Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to side with Dr. Zaius to protect Ape City? And what does Colonel George Taylor have to say about it?


All the 2016 Star Trek calendars from Universe publishing are available now. After the calendar poster release earlier in this year, this month saw the 2016 editions of the Ships of Line, TOS, daily, and engagement calendars. The 2016 Ships of the Line calendar is especially notable as it features artwork selected from a competition; you can see lots of preview and behind-the-scenes images from that in my previous report.

Model ships

The two new ships in Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection were both pretty obscure ones in August: Issue fifty-two the USS Centaur, and issue fifty-three the small Klingon attack ship from the Klingon-augment arc in Enterprise.

As ever, these made their debut in the UK, and will turn up later in other markets as the series progresses around the world. You can find out all about the series on my index page.

Wizkids' Attack Wing miniatures game also got three new ships, in wave seventeen in the series. Those were the Akira class USS Thunderchild, Klingon K't'inga class IKS T'Ong, and the Romulan Valdore class RIS Vrax.  

ThinkGeek also released a rather flat model of the original USS Enteprise, a low-relief decal, for sticking to your car.

Other releases

There are several other bits and pieces newly released in August too. Those include two new action figures in Funko's ReAction range, Captain Kirk and Spock in Entertainment Earth exclusive beaming variants.

Spock also features on the latest Star Trek coin from the Perth Mint. Unlike previous captains releases in the series, the Spock coin isn't paired with a ship coin, he's a standalone. Like all the others the one Tuvalu dollar face-value coin is cast in silver.

If you're feeling a bit chilly while while admiring your coin collection, ThinkGeek's new TNG-uniform style slipper boots should warm up your toes. They are of course available in all three department colours.

Aimed at what I imagine are somewhat more casual trekkies than those likely to be reading this (who I assume will already own a previous edition) is a repacked release of TOS on DVD, in a snazzy shiny box.

And then, the most lackluster Star Trek product of the month, Aquarius' Neighbour Watch metal sign...

German language

Finally, from Cross Cult, there are no less than three new German translations of Star Trek books. August saw Kalte Berechnung: Diabolus ex Machina (aka The Body Electric) the final book in David Mack's TNG Cold Equations trilogy. That was joined by Kinder des Sturms (originally known as Children of the Storm), one of Kirsten Beyer's Voyager novels. And finally, just for ebook, the Corps of Engineers novella, Gewährleistungsausschluss, otherwise known as Caveat Emptor, by Ian Edginton and Mike Collins.

You can find out more about all these items, and everything else out this year, with links to all my previous coverage on my schedule page. You can also find further reading and product lists on my Trek Collective Lists sub-site.

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