Friday 7 August 2015

New Trek Collective Lists site

I've started a new sub-site dedicated to Star Trek lists, including reading lists for books and comics, author bibliographies, lists of different toy, model, and game ranges, lists of things by theme - All sorts of Star Trek lists! You'll find it at

This is a replacement for my old lists page, which linked to lists hosted by Amazon on their listmania feature. This was a convenient way to put together reference lists for all kinds of Star Trek subjects, which I use for personal reference and to give context in my articles. But it also had limitations in formatting, and being constrained by what is available in the Amazon catalogue. More pressingly they've recently stopped supporting the feature, so an alternative needed to be found!

It will take a while to rebuild all my old lists in the new site, so until those are all in place the index pages on the new site also include links to the old Amazon lists, which will be gradually phased out. The old lists page was a quietly popular little page, so I hope you'll find the new replacement even more useful for your Star Trek referencing needs.

Are there any lists in particular you would find useful? Let me know in the comments.

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