Friday 7 August 2015

Retro action figures beaming down

There is a definite retro flavour to the latest Star Trek action figures. New from Funko, and exclusive to Entertainment Earth, the ReAction Figures range of Kenner style three-and-three-quarter inch action figures has its first Star Trek variants; mid-beaming versions of Kirk and Spock, complete with transporter effect glitter! Both are due to arrive this month, and will join the previous eight figures in the range so far.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a larger format old-school figure, you'll have to wait until January, when the first release in Diamond Select Toys reissues of their retro cloth action figures is due. The first pair to return will be Spock and Khan. Based on this, DST might be changing up the grouping of these figures, as in the first run of releases Spock came out paired with the Andorian, while Khan was a lonely retailer exclusive, so he's getting a wider release this time around.

Finally, in other action figure news, we can expect another Kirk and Spock pair to come from Mezco. They were hoping to have them to display at the San Diego Comic Con last month, but opted not to in the end, so we've got to wait a little longer to see what they look like.

For more information on the ranges mentioned above, check out my new lists sub-site, to see all the characters in the Star Trek ReAction and retro cloth ranges.

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