Tuesday 14 April 2015

Ships of the Line and other 2016 calendar updates

Universe Publishing have released updated covered and new preview images for some of their 2016 Star Trek calendars. The biggest reveals come from Ships of the Line, with new front and back covers revealing some (but not all) of the competition winning designs that will feature in next year's calendar:

If you can't quite make out what you're seeing on the back there, I believe we have:
  • The Insignia class, one of my favourite fan designs (inspired, I believe, by one of the proposals for a next generation starship in the TNG Technical Manual), which I'm delighted to see in an official publication.
  • What appears to be a meeting of the TV era TOS Enterprise and the Enterprise-C.
  • An Argo-type shuttle on the way to the Enterprise-E.
  • The Enterprise-D, with the big shuttlebay open (same image as the cover).
  • A refit Constitution class ship next to a spacedock, possibly with a pre-refit inside said dock (I can't quite make it out).
  • Another pre-refit Enterprise in spacedock, this time seen from within the dock, and with a classic shuttle flying by.
  • A new TOS-era ship, with a similar configuration to the USS Kelvin.
A preview image form inside the calendar has also been released, which means there are four (maybe five if there's a centerfold) images yet to be revealed! Continue after the jump to check out a USS Defiant picture from the calendar, and updates from other 2016 Star Trek calendars:

The Original Series calendar also has a completely updated back cover, with a new image selection, and a couple of preview pages showing those pictures too. The back cover now also sports the fiftieth anniversary logo.

The anniversary logo also appears on the back of the Daily Calendar, and there are some new preview pages from that too:

The three calendars above are all due for publication in August. For 2016 there are two more calendars though, the engagement calendar due out in July, and the Ships of the Line poster calendar which comes in June - The latter is new to the range for 2016, and both cover a sixteen month range. There are no changes to these designs since their initial previews:

If you like your ships it's a really good year, as on top of the regular Ships of the Line and the new poster format, there's also a collection of Ships of the Line posters due out in a few months too!

Image sources: StarTrek.com, Amazon.com, Andrews McMeel Publishing.


Destructor1701 said...

Hey, 8of5, you're doing trojan work, as per normal. Keep it up, it's very much appreciated!

I thought it was worth pointing out that the cover image (and, of course the accompanying full-frame image in the calendar) are photo-edits of a Diamond Select Toys Enterprise-D model.

They're so well done that I initially assumed it was a CGI ship, but the standout quirks of the DST-D are all there, once you're looking for them.

8of5 said...

I thought that might be the case, it certainly looks very similar. I did the same sort of thing with my would-have-been entry (I got the closing date wrong so missed it!) using Eaglemoss ships.

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