Thursday 2 April 2015

Family Guy quests for stuff on the Enterprise-D

The USS Enterprise-D is visiting Quahog in a special Star Trek event in the Family Guy mobile game, The Quest For Stuff. The Star Trek event, which continues until the end of April, sees players exploring the Enterprise, and meeting members of the crew. Here's the blurb from the developer, Tinyco:
Join the denizens of Quahog as they collide with the cast of Star Trek for a raucous race to save humanity! After sustaining heavy damage from the Borg, the USS Enterprise and its crew set an emergency course back in time for Earth, year 2015. The Enterprise’s Commander William Riker infiltrates Quahog on a mission to protect baby Stewie – whose future self creates technology which threatens the Borg’s very existence. With baby Borg Bertram in hot pursuit, Riker enlists Family Guy, Peter Griffin, to repair the Enterprise, save the crew, and protect the future of Mankind… oh, and Stewie too.

Players will explore the USS Enterprise, visiting reimagined versions of iconic locations like The Bridge, Holodeck, Sickbay, Engineering and more. Throughout their exploration, players will meet and unlock The Next Generation crew including Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lt. Commander Data, Lieutenant Worf, Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, and more – with voices from the actors of the television series.

Extending the adventures to the edges of known space, players can send away teams on exploratory missions to other planets, collecting resources and rewards. Back on the Bridge, give enemies “all she’s got!” using photon torpedoes to blast enemies and debris into deep space. Other epic fights pit players against the warp speed-reproducing Tribbles, who are choking Quahog’s communities. Take a turn in the Captain’s chair and equip the deck for the final face-off with the Borg and prepare to rendezvous with the biggest names in Starfleet, including the one and only Captain James T. Kirk!
And here's the Enterprise as she appears in the game:

Continue below for a trailer, and more images and information from the game:

TinyCo have released lots of cool Family Guy styled Star Trek images to promote the game:

And of course some shots from the actual game. It starts with helping Riker in Quahog, before moving to the Enterprise, where you can visit many familiar locations, and eventually build more rooms as you unlock more features.

The Star Trek event has more content added each week, and lots of challenges to keep you occupied between updates, as you work to unlock features and characters. Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is available to download via Apples' App Store, Google Play and Amazon's Appstore. If you're new to the game, Heavy has a tips guide to help you play through, including what you need to get set up to unlock the starting point of the Star Trek event. You can also find a tour of the Enterprise on Family Guy Tips.

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Fox said...

Downloaded the game and gave it more than a fair shot. It's pretty damn terrible. It embraces pretty much all of the Terri le game design tropes that give the mobile market such a bad rep.

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