Thursday 30 April 2015

Romulan Bird of Prey, Worf bust bank, and other DST updates

At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Diamond Select Toys have revealed their next all new electronic starship toy, the Romulan Bird of Prey - This was first displayed at the Toy Fair earlier in the year, but photography wasn't allowed, so now the rest of the world can see it in all its glory. Images via Tomopop and DST' Facebook page.

Also coming soon is a reissue of the Enterprie NX-01 model, with a new and much improved paint job. Continue after the jump to check out that, and other new stuff from DST:

The image above again via Tomopop. In a recent Q and A article DST mentioned the re-issue will include a new sound chip with both sound effects and phrases. While in the Q and A released before that they also suggested it it likely they will also do a re-issue of the mirror universe version of the NX-01.

In those Q and A's they also mentioned they are currently working on sculpts for two new Star Trek Select action figures, as well as 2D design work for a third. Mentioning on of those is a TOS movie era character (I would speculate Khan, he's the go-to movie era character to make in any form!). They also suggested 7 of 9 as a possible Star Trek Select candidate, and a desire to do something with a Borg character.

Elsewhere DST also announced recently they will be making a third Star Trek bust bank, Worf, who will be the first TNG design in the series, following previous Kirk and Spock releases. Entertainment Earth already have this up for pre-order, anticipating a November release.

Finally. already out is the Borg Cube silicone mold, here's how it's packaged:

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