Saturday 14 February 2015

Ship bits: Attack Wing ships, DST sounds, bobbling, and cutaway!

Lots of model ship updates for you here, including gaming miniatures, bobble-ships, model kits, and more! First up, Wizkids have announced two more waves of releases in their Attack Wing miniature game. Wave seventeen will be coming in August, and includes the USS Thunderchild, IKS T'Ong , and IRW Vrax.

Wave eighteen follows in September, and features the USS Phoenix, Species 8472 Bioship Beta, and Quark's Treasure.

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DST released a video to demonstrate the sounds featured on their newest edition of the USS Enterprise-A electronic model:

Bif Bang Pow have another of their "monitor mate" bobble ships on the way, the USS Enterprise-D is listed for April release on Entertainment Earth.

And finally, Entertainment Earth have also revealed the release date of Round 2 Models' reissue of the AMT cutaway USS Enterprise model kit, which they are expecting in May.


Unknown said...

If the HeroClix ships were much more detailed and accurate I would be collecting them all. I really miss the old Micro Machines line from the '90s and have them all. The heroclix are just far too boring and inaccurate (for example the USS Phoenix had a completely different sensor dome than the one it's featured with). Nevertheless I hope they are selling well.

Fox said...

To be fair the micro machines were pretty inaccurate,too.

But they were nicely detailed.

8of5 said...

I love my old Micro Machines, though I think the Attack Wing ships are generally better than them! However they are also rather expensive per tiny model - A Wizkids ship is only a bit less than a Eaglemoss one!

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