Tuesday 10 February 2015

Lit-verse Reading Order Flowchart, now even more Almighty!

Good news everyone! Thrawn and I have been busy working on a new update for the ever-so-useful, good-lord-it's-so-complicated-where-do-I-begin? Almighty Star Trek Litverse Reading Order Flow Chart! Which is now on version four, and my how it has grown over the last three years since Thrawn organically dreamt it up.

If you're not familiar, the flow chart seeks to make as clear as possible the sometimes rather complex web of interconnectivity in the continuity of the modern Star Trek prose adventures, showing how each of the series cross-over and build upon each other, and providing a reference for readers in deciding which books to take on next.

As ever you can find the full size version on its own dedicated page here on The Trek Collective, which you can easily find at any time via the "Reading Order" tab at the top of the page.

We've added in all the latest releases and known upcoming books, with the biggest expansions coming after The Fall. The most notable change is that the DS9 column now extends the full height of the chart, thanks to the recent resurgence in DS9 books; there's quite a pleasing cluster of adventures on the new station now building up.

My thanks as ever to the brilliant Thrawn for creating the original chart, allowing me to host it here, and working with me to expand and refine it. I think this is an invaluable resource for the Star Trek reader, so I hope you all find it as useful too!


Fourthords said...
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Fourthords said...

The Almighty Reading Order Flow Chart is terribly helpful to me for what to read next, and I love you for making (and continuing to remake) it! However, it's an Almighty Mess for suggesting how to organize all my Star Trek books on the shelves! How do you do it?

8of5 said...

hahaha! Oh I know! I generally have a hybrid chronological order/series arrangement. So I try and keep the series in blocks, but also split them up in TV and movie eras, and books after major evens like Destiny and The Fall.

Mine go like this: Enterprise, Pike era, TOS TV era, TOS move era, Lost Era, pre-TNG, TNG TV era, TNG movie era, DS9 TV era, Voyager TV era, New Frontier, SCE, early DS9 relaunch, first Voyager relaunch, A Time To... Articles, Titan, TNG relaunch, Destiny. Then I used Destiny as a new starting point, so I've got the various TNG, Titan and other books in more or less chronological order, the Voyager relaunch, Typhon Pact, DTI, Cold Equations, The Fall, post-The Fall books. !!!

Benjamin said...

LIKE! Keep it up!

Ktrek said...

I really appreciate yours and Thrawn's efforts in the initial development of it and even more so in keeping this chart updated. I refer to the chart quite often to see where a book I'm reading fits in. You both have done such a wonderful job and in my opinion the charts value is priceless.

aka Ktrek

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