Friday 27 February 2015

Salute Nimoy

As I am sure you must now be aware, earlier today, the sad news came of the death of Leonard Nimoy. Perhaps not unexpected, given reports of ill health earlier this week, and a respectable age of eight-three, it was no less shocking and upsetting to hear.

The character of Spock is the thread that runs through the entire Star Trek franchise, from the pilot episode all the way through to the most recent movie, and of course he will live on in Zachary Quinto, and I'm sure others in years to come. Personally, Spock is one of the most influential characters in the franchise, a role model, who's sense of logic I have always found inspiring. In playing Spock, Leonard Nimoy has been a huge influence on my own life.

Being so plugged in to the online Star Trek community I have found it deeply moving to see the overwhelming outpouring of sadness, and celebration of the life, of one of the most important people in all Star Trek history. Throughout the day I've been coming back to social media to see everything ranging from quotes and iconic images, to incredibly thoughtful and sad musings and artwork. All manner of Star Trek fans, celebrities, Nimoy's family, friends, and colleagues, and the mainstream media have all poured out their grief; it's been incredible.

One image one of my friends shared on Facebook really moved me, simply of her friends all gathered round to salute Leonard Nimoy in the traditional Vulcan fashion. And then the group mind of Twitter had the same thought, and this happened:

That image is made from hundreds of people around the world, marking the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Check the #SaluteNimoy hashtag on Twitter, more and more people keep flooding in.

Of course there is a lot more to Mr Nimoy than Spock, I refer you to the New York Times' excellent eulogy to find out more about his life.

Trekkies of the world are a fickle bunch, but I'm sure we all stand united in grief today. Mr Nimoy did indeed live long and prosper, and will live on forever, as one of the greatest characters in all film and television.


mcarp555 said...

I hadn't realized until I read your fine article that Spock was indeed the thread that ran through Trek; from The Cage to Into Darkness. As a fan, I'm touched by the expressions of sadness at our joint loss, but also buoyed by such warmth and appreciation for Nimoy as a man and actor. I'm sure he would have been touched as well, and I think he was aware during his life that he was a beloved figure, both as Spock and as himself. He never seemed to attract the polarization of opinion that Shatner seems to arouse in people; everybody liked Leonard.

I remember when Jimmy Doohan passed away (I met him once at a signing event on my birthday, and shook his hand). And when DeForest Kelley also left us; Like Nimoy, all three had lived long, productive and seemingly happy lives. But Nimoy's death feels like more of a true loss; Doohan & Kelley made you think "Well, that's too bad; but...". With Nimoy, there seems to be more of a sense of real grief. Probably nobody else in the TOS era (including Roddenberry himself, and Majel) could elicit such a feeling of emotion.

The loss of the others is like losing a good neighbor. Leonard's passing is a death in the family. He will be sorely missed.

MVC1701 said...

I am an Irish Star Trek fan of 45 years, having first come across it on our black and white "telly" in 1969 when I had just started Secondary school. The character of Spock was fascinating and was an immediate "hook" for me. I have followed the lives of the actors and the characters they portrayed over the years in detail, although I never got to meet them, I felt I knew them somehow! I knew Mr. Nimoy had been in poor health recently but the end seems to have been swift. There is no doubt he will be missed and my sympathy goes first to all his family, and then to all the many fans over the world who will remember him as the most famous Vulcan of them all! Rest in Peace and thank you for so much I have learned from Star Trek as a whole and from Spock in particular!

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