Friday 14 November 2014

Get in costume with Trevco's new full bleed uniform T-shirts

Trevco have been releasing impressive full bleed sublimation print design Star Trek T-shirts for a while now, extending a variety of designs to cover the entire surface of a T-shirt, rather than the traditional rectangular window. Their latest wave of releases in this format makes great use of the technique to give a huge range of Star Trek costume designs, including uniforms from all eras, and a few one-off characters and joke costumes.

The TOS era has the most fun in this range, with designs including a dead red shirt, tribble covered wrap uniform, Pike in his wheelchair, and the Gorn:

There are also all the regular uniform shirts. Continue after the jump to have a look at those and all the other designs in the range:

Here are the regular command, science, and operations TOS uniforms shirts:

The TOS movie uniforms sadly haven't been included in the range. But the movie-era is represented by a Klingon armour design, and Khan (the latter of which was in fact one of Trevco's first sublimation designs last year):

Moving on to the TNG era we have the regular command, science, and operations shirts, plus a Worf shirt with the baldric:

There are also all the regular uniforms for DS9 and Voyager, also in command, science, and operations:

The TNG movie era/DS9 uniforms, again in command, science, and operations:

Enterprise even gets represented in this collection, although you only have the option of a command uniform if you're a 22nd century fan:

And nuTrek is in on the act too, also available in command, science, and operations colours:


Unknown said...

I was really interested, until I found out that I couldn't find a sizing chart anywhere. Would anyone happen to know?

Sans said...

I'm worried about those gray lines.

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