Friday 7 November 2014

First look at Paramount London's Star Trek attraction

Paramount are busy working on several attractions around the world, with many to include Star Trek components. One of those is in the UK; Paramount London (actually located some way to the east of London), which is currently going through a consultation phase before work really gets going, towards a target of a 2020 opening. This is mostly for the benefit of people locally effected, with details of how the theme park will effect local life, infrastructure, employment, public spaces and such. But the latest presentations also include some new concept art for the park, including the Star Trek themed Starfleet Command zone:

Continue after a jump for a look at the concept art from other areas of the park:

The park is set to feature fifty rides (twelve them described as "major"), as well as hotels, the largest indoor water park in Europe, a theatre with West End rivalling productions, business facilities, and other entertainment venues including a cinema. The plan is for the core area of the park to open in Easter 2020, with other areas being developed in years to follow.

That core theme park is split into zones pulling from both major Paramount franchises and British cultural influences (including it seems an abundance of Union Jack flags). Aside from the Starfleet Command zone, there will be Adventure Isle, Land of Legends, Cartoon Circus, Action Square, Port Paramount, and Entertainment City.

Three other pieces of concept art have been released, which appear to show the entrance, the Mission Impossible themed Action Square, and the West End style Entertainment City.

If you're curious, this is the site, Swanscombe Peninsula:

And here's a plan for the park and surrounding areas:

If you're curious about all the local minutia, you can find out much more on the Paramount London website.

And for more on other Star Trek attractions in the works, check out my attractions label, to look back through previous articles.


Unknown said...

It's a real shame the location is so far southeast. This necessitates a lengthy route around London for the vast majority of the UK population. We're no locations North of London considered?

Cinemabon said...

I would love to attend the completed park. I miss the Star Trek at the Vegas Hilton. The ride was the finest experience I've ever had at an entertainment venue.

Katie and Nicola said...

It's actually less than 20 minutes from St Pancras.

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