Saturday 25 October 2014

Starship Collection's Delta Flyer and Romulan drone

Two more issues of The Official Starships Collection have now been solicited, and and Entertainment Earth have most new images of the models coming in issues thirty-eight and thirty-nine, the Delta Flyer and Romulan drone.

These ships will be coming in January and February in the UK, and March in the US, with the rest of the world to follow as the series catches up in different territories.

More starships news after the jump:

In other Starships Collection news, someone else has set up another petition, this one is to try and encourage Eaglemoss to produce a model of Earth Spacedock. Even though Eaglemoss' Ben Robinson has previously suggested, in an interview on this very site, that Spacedock is at least four special issues away, if it ever happens, I feel it surely must - It's one of the most iconic designs in Star Trek, certainly deserving of being a nice BIG special model. So I'm all for petitioning to get it included sooner rather than later.

And of course talking of petitions, have you signed up for the USS Titan yet? In that aforementioned interview, Ben stated that five-thousand names is what he needs to commission a special issue. And so we're trying to get the USS Titan included. As I post this we're still not quite up to the two-thousand mark, but I'm sure we can make it; the Titan is a great design and a huge part of the Star Trek universe, to those of us that enjoy the ongoing adventures in the Star Trek book series. So if you'd like to see a model Titan become a reality, sign-up, and share the petition with anyone else who likes the Luna class!

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

Finally, one bit of non-Eaglemoss news for starships fans. QMx have recently been teasing an image on their social media. It looks like they might be working on an Akira class model!

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ety3rd said...

I just subscribed a month ago, and even though I've only gotten the Enterprise-D so far, I can't wait.

I would really like to see more TOS ships, though. The Romulan Bird of Prey, Botany Bay, the Galileo, K7 etc., all should be part of the official list but everything I've read says they'll "probably" be done.

I would also like to see all of the ships from Admiral Marcus' office (similarly, the ones from the credit sequence from Star Trek: Enterprise). You know, the "ringship," etc.

Fox said...

There's something nutty going on with those photos. The color of the first DF doesn't match the second DF; the first drone ship doesn't match the second drone ship.

Really hope that the latter photo of the drone ship is more accurate. I think that shade of green looks much cooler than the more... saturated preceding image.

JSkagnetti said...

I just recently canceled my subscription. I've had it from the old Enterprise D all the way to the Enterprise E, getting two ships a month. Honestly I've only kept the various Enterprise versions they've released with Voyager and the Defiant.

All the ships in between were either sold locally to comic book shops or eBay, and mostly at a loss to me financially. I've found sites that are selling these pretty much at cost so I'm going to be just grabbing the ones I want from now on. I wish Eaglemoss had the ability to just purchase the ones you want.

The models are amazing and through 21 issues only two showed up broken in the box. They were the Bajoran Solar Sailor and the NX-01. Eaglemoss was super quick to respond and ship replacements without any hassle.

Had a good time with them but will just be picking and choosing from now on.

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