Thursday 9 October 2014

The Great Borg Bake Off

We all know resistance is futile, when it comes to a cake, and now Seven of Nine, aka Rosanna Pansino, is here to teach us all how to bake an irresistible Borg Cube cake, in the latest video in her Nerdy Nummies series.

Pansino even transformed herself into Seven for the occasion. Have a watch:

This appears to be the first Star Trek themed Nerdy Nummies video, but there are plenty of other delicious geeky goodies, including Wookie-cookies, Lego cakes, Rubik's Cube brownies, and many more!

To add some Star Trek flair to your cooking, you could also check out the two Star Trek cookbooks from days gone by, the Official Star Trek Cooking Manual, and the Star Trek Cookbook. And you can kit out your kitchen with all manner of Trek-themed kitchenalia from ThinkGeek's ever-growing range.

1 comment:

mcarp555 said...

Just what a website full of geeks need: another attractive young woman in a tight outfit.

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