Tuesday 14 October 2014

USS Enterprise shaped puzzle

I do love to see a new USS Enterprise shaped thing, so I was delighted when I spotted a new puzzle amongst the latest releases from Aquarius. Not only is said new puzzle shaped like the Enterprise, but it's also double-sided, with the alternate side featuring a collage of TOS imagery - Two six-hundred piece puzzles in one!

Also recently released by Aquarius is a more conventional rectangular puzzle, featuring the TOS crew. This one is one-thousand pieces.

Continue after the jump for more new releases from Aquarius:

There is also a range of three two-piece puzzles... Which they are marketing as "desktop standees". You can pop either Kirk, Spock, or McCoy, out of their packaging, and then stand them, on your desk...

Finally Aquarius have re-released their TOS playing cards, now in a tin:

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