Thursday 19 June 2014

Updates from the DST shipyards

Diamond Select Toys have announced their San Diego Comic Con exclusives, which include one Star Trek ship, a battle damaged version of the USS Excelsior, with damage from the battle at the end of The Undiscovered Country. There will be just one hundred of these available.

Coming back into production from DST regular releases is their reissue of the Wrath of Khan USS Enterprise. The DST YouTube channel posted a video demonstrating the light and sound features on the new release:

Finally, DST have posted another Star Trek Q and A, and once again deflected answered on what their next ship will be, but again seem to give a nod and a wink to the possibility of the USS Defiant. When asked about the possibility of the Defiant and runabouts coming soon they answered cryptically "I would not use the word “soon.”". They also seemed to rule out doing Deep Space 9 at all, stated they have no plans do to Phoenix, but still consider Voyager, a D7, and Romulan warbird as possibilities for future ships. Also mentioned was the NX-01, which DST are starting to consider for a reissue, if they conclude there is enough interest.


Unknown said...

Sad, that still didn't make the dish painting better. You can see the hand through the dish. This is the third issue and still the same problem.

Warren said...

I can't wait for that Defiant model. We've certainly waited long enough!

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