Monday 9 June 2014

Ship bits: Latest model kits, Starships Collection previews, and DST Excelsior

Lots of different model starships to look at today. First up Round 2 Model's latest model kits, as revealed recently at Wonderfest 2014. A few new ships were announced, including a DS9 themed addition to their Cadet Series, which already features a dozen different ships, all at 1:2500 scale. This new three-pack will include the USS Defiant, USS Saratoga, and a Galor class:

Also newly announced is their latest model at 1:1000 scale, the TOS Romulan Bird of Prey. They are hoping to have this ready in about a year.

And on display there were also plans for the new Shuttlecraft Galileo kit:

Round 2 are also planning to re-issue the AMT USS Enterprise cutaway model kit, and are currently looking at what (if any) modifications they might make before doing so. They hope to have this ready for 2015. You can see more from Round 2's Wonderfest display, on their blog.

If you prefer not to build your ships, then The Official Starships Collection is the series you need. Their website has recently been updated with new images of the Nebula class and Xindi Insectoid starship, which are coming soon as issues twenty-three and twenty-four.

Finally, DST have released an updated version of their USS Excelsior NX-2000 image, with the colours looking a bit more as we might hope they will appear on the model (the previous version was very saturated). This version of the Excelsior is expected in November:


mcarp555 said...

The Nebula class NCC-60205 (USS Honshu) arrived in the UK last week. Aztecing is much more subtle than on the Enterprise D, which might look more 'natural' than some of the other models where it's more obvious.

The problems with this ship are that some have turned up (including mine) with a crooked nacelle (usually the left) and overhead pod. And the nacelle pylons say "United Federation of Plananets" on them. Sigh.

nwg said...

Another spelling mistake :(

How much metal does the Krenim have ?

Unknown said...

I was disappointed with my models. They're all flawed but you get what you pay for. Sub cancelled.

mcarp555 said...

Only the tail ring of the Kenim ship is metal (the clawed part behind the two globes). The rest is plastic. I should mention that the aztecing on this ship is very detailed, probably to establish a sense of scale. It's actually a very nice model, and with no text on it, would be hard to screw up.

nwg said...

I got the Krenim and like it but two things I would have different -

A darker colour, it is too light
A clear bit of plastic to represent the lens at the front.

Cronos6939 said...

The Xindi-Insectoid ship is upside down...

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