Monday 23 June 2014

Latest Star Trek stuff around the home

Time for another round up of the latest Star Trek ornaments and gadgets for use around the home. First up, Hallmark have added a fourth Christmas tree decoration to their Star Trek Keepsakes range this year. Available exclusively at Hallmark stores at the launch of this years range in July, will be a Vina figurine.

Joining Vina will be the USS Vengeance, Mr Sulu, and Spock with the Horta. You can get a good look at the others, in my previous report.

Another limited release will be coming from Bif Bang Pow, as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. This year they will have a second set of coasters, based on Juan Ortiz's TOS retro print series. This follows the first set released at last year's Con. To face off against last year's Enterprise box, this new set comes with a Klingon D7 design.

While these are a Comic Con exclusive, Entertainment Earth are also taking pre-orders, to nab any that are left over after the event in July.

Continue after the jump for another ornament, playing cards, and these from ThinkGeek:

Available now from ThinkGeek, are Borg Cubes, little steel ones to keep your whiskey (or any other drink I'd think) cool. The set of six comes in a bigger cube, and also a cloth bag, so you can safely stow them in the freezer to get cold and then pop them in a drink without watering it down.

Also gleaming and metallic, but rather less practical, is Bradford Exchange's latest creation. They are now offering a personalized sculpture featuring the TNG combadge and Federation flag:

Finally back to TOS for something less flashy, but full of possibilities, a classic set of playing cards, in a new USS Enterprise design tin. Things From Another World are expecting these in August.

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Unknown said...

Interesting surprise ornament. I'm kinda surprised they didn't just save it for next year. There are already two ornamants I plan on getting (horta and the Vengeance), so I'll probably pass on this.

The Borg themed whiskey stones are pretty cool. I would prefer a set of Starfleet or Klingon themed stones, but I might get these.

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