Saturday 22 February 2014

Starships Collection updates

A few bits of news from The Official Starships Collection, starting with the first look at issues twenty-one and twenty-two, the USS Enterprise-E, and Krenim temporal weapon, images of which are now starting to show up on online retailers. These two will be out in May and June in the UK and Ireland, or July in the US.

Entertainment Earth have also added a listing for a binder to go with the series, so if you want something to hold your magazines in, you don't have to subscribe to the entire collection to get the binder now. They expect to have them in stock from June.

The Collection's website has also been updated with news of several new ships further into the collection. Issues thrity-six to forty have now been confirmed as the Oberth class, Andorian cruiser, Delta Flyer, Romulan drone, and USS Enterprise-B.

The website also has a new top view images of the USS Stargazer model (issue nineteen)

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page


Fox said...

I can't say I'm excited for the Krenim Timeship or Romulan Drone (seriously, WHY?) but I do look forward to the Oberth and Delta Flyer.

I never really got a good feel for the shape of the Andorian destroyer in Enterprise. It seems, I don't know, like a generic sci-fi warship design. But who knows: maybe seeing it physically rendered in 3D will change my mind.

Hell, I'm really interested in the Delta Flyer considering it will be the SMALLEST scale in the series, unless they also do a Voyager shuttlecraft.

But the main thing: the E.

There have been lots of Enterprise-E models/figures, and I've owned most of 'em. This one has a shot to be the best, though--with a mold as accurate as a Diamond Select toy, but with added details (always bugged me the DS didn't have the same level of painted detailing as the Ent-D).

What I'm most keen on is the lower saucer and deflector dish. Really got high hopes for this one.

nwg said...

The Kremin ship looks like it could be from the Babylon 5 universe.

Brandon's Blog said...

The Enterprise E looks fantastic! The paint scheme reminds me of the First contact actual filming model, not the CGI version in Nemesis. I can't wait for the Stargazer, Equinox, and Akira (literally my three favorite ships from the Star Trek universe) that had almost zero actual products. I think this magazine line is the best thing to happen to the Trek franchise in years, even better than the JJ Films.

8of5 said...

I'm very excited for the Andorian ship, just because it's Andorian, and that's enough to make me love it.

Very pleased to see the Oberth on the list too, love that odd design.

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