Thursday 13 February 2014

Book bits: Covers, pop-ups, and more Voyager!

A smattering of books news, starting with new covers! First up, with just a couple of weeks until publication, Simon and Schuster have finally released the cover for John Jackson Miller's post-The Fall Titan ebook, Absent Enemies:

There's also a new cover from German publisher Cross Cult (posted on Facebook). The new Uhura cover, by regular Cross Cult artist Martin Frei is for their third standalone TOS novel, which will be James Gunn and Theodore Sturgeon's only Star Trek novel, The Joy Machine. It will be released as Die Glückmaschine in Germany. Thanks to Jens Deffner for confirming the translation.

I've also got news of a new book. If you are, like me, a fan of pop-up books, then a very exciting new book indeed! Coming in November from Star Trek regulars Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann, with art by experienced pop-upper Courtney Watson McCarthy, is Star Trek Pop-Ups. Amazon describe the pan-prime universe book, to be published by Thames and Hudson, like this:
A legendary sci-fi epic as you’ve never seen it before—including the Klingon Bird of Prey, the Bride of Chaotica, and the Enterprise herself, all literally bursting off the page.

Star Trek is one of the most enduring franchises in Hollywood entertainment history. Part of the public consciousness since 1966, it spans the worlds of television and the movies and counts millions of fans worldwide. Now Star Trek Pop-Ups delivers seven iconic Star Trek moments in a new way—popping off the page in three dimensions. From the original USS Enterprise in flight to the dreaded Borg cube from The Next Generation and beyond, here is an unforgettable series of alien encounters and thrilling action scenes, featuring memorable moments from Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. Bursting with energy and ingenuity, Star Trek Pop-Ups will capture the imaginations of fans young and old. 7 pop-ups and 25 illustrations, all in color.
Arise Chaotica! And speaking of Voyager... The latest episode of TrekFM's Literary Treks featured an interview with Kirsten Beyer, discussing her latest Voyager novel, Protectors. As ever they analyse the book in great detail, so it works as a great "extra feature", but perhaps best left until after you read the book if you want to remain spoiler free. Beyer did touch upon the future of her books. Protectors is the first book in a trilogy, and while it will advance the Voyager story, it wont see the series catch-up with the other 24th century books chronologically, as Beyer noted:
This trilogy will take us through the end of Voyager's first year of their planned three year mission. So it will end like, May 2382. 
Acts of Contrition, the second book in the trilogy, was recently announced for publication this October, and Beyer confirmed in the interview the final book will have a similarly short wait, anticipating its release in mid-2015. Beyer also revealed she is already discussing the next book in the series after this trilogy!

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