Monday 17 February 2014

New Star Trek office products

Icon Heroes have announced a new range of Star Trek home and office ware. They have so far announced four products, with the promise of more to come. To start the range they have:

A Star Trek bookend set, which will be 6.5” tall, 7.25” wide, and 4” deep. Icon Heroes expect this to be out in the third quarter of this year for $70.

Also due in the third quarter, is the Spock hand business card holder. Icon Heroes' website currently has a listing for a bronze finish version of this, but also report a realistic finish version will be available at some point too. These will be $35 each.

There's also a d'k tahg letter opener, which was based on scans from Gentle Giant of one of the original props. This one is also expected third quarter and will be $25 (if you can't wait that long, you could always try and get hold of one of ThinkGeek's mini Bat'leth letter openers).

Finally, and coming a bit later than the rest, not due until the fourth quarter, are TOS uniform inspired sticky note pads. No pricing for these yet.

Icon Heroes have announced these online, alongside the Toy Fair reveal of the line. So if you'd like to see a few more images, Toy Ark has good coverage of Icon Heroes' display.


Brandon's Blog said...
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Fox said...

Wow. Those are all really tacky.

I'd kill for some tasteful Trek bookends. Like stuff in that... is it "art deco" style? You know those "TOS movie posters" you post about? That style.

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