Thursday 4 October 2012

Star Trek Magazine #42 covers

Check out this Klingon-tastic previews exclusive cover for the next issue of the Star Trek Magazine, due at the end of the month:

The standard edition isn't quite so exciting:

Here's the blurb (via Things From Another World) for this issue:
We explore the strangest of strange new worlds, and discover the seven wonders of the Trek universe. Treknology Challenge takes you to the stars, as we pre-invent the shuttlecraft, Quark's Bar is invaded by Klingons, and the origin of the Borg is revealed, when we investigate Star Trek's manga makeover. Featuring interviews with the late Robert H. Justman, and everyone's favorite Vorta, Jeffrey Combs. Plus all your favorite regular features, news and reviews, and the latest on the new Trek movie. Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive editions.

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