Wednesday 3 October 2012

IDW omnibuses

IDW's December solicitations revealed/confirmed two new omnibus books on the way: The 100 Page Spectacular format must be doing quite well, as a third volume for 2012 is on the way. They describe the Winter 2012 edition as follows:
Explore the amazing worlds of Star Trek through our continuing series of 100-page spectaculars! How do you deal with killing a legend? Find out in the story of Captain Harriman, the notorious commander of the Enterprise when Captain James T. Kirk was lost and presumed dead. Guest starring Dr. McCoy! Discover the devious inner workings of the Romulan military! Re-enter the Mirror Universe as Kirk's Doppelgänger plots to overthrow his superior... Captain Pike -- And more!

The solicitation credits Marc Guggenheim, Scott Tipton, and more as writers, with art from David Messina, J.K. Woodward, and more. From that it's clear Captain's Log: Harriman, and probably the first issue of Mirror Images will feature. The Romulan story could be one of many; the first Alien Spotlight: Romulans has already been reprinted in the first 100 Page Spectacular, but that still leaves an opening for the second Romulan story in the Alien Spotlight series, which seems like the most likely candidate from the vague description. Other options include the rest of John Byrne's Romulan saga, or the TNG series Intelligence Gathering. The 100 page format should also accommodate a fourth single issue story as well.

At the decidedly more generous end of the omnibus scale, December will also see the latest edition of IDW's bulky omnibus series, with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Omnibus. The solicitation confirms the contents as IDW's early TNG miniseries:
Star Trek: The Next Generation Omnibus collects 4 graphic novels into one monstrous book! The Space Between, Intelligence Gathering, The Last Generation, and Ghosts.

Meanwhile over in the Czech Republic the Star Trek: The Original Series Omnibus just came out, translated into Czech by Anthony Martin for Nakladatelství BB/art:

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