Wednesday 10 October 2012

Enterprise coming to bluray!

Those eagle-eyed people over at TrekCore spotted Star Trek writer, Mike Sussman, sneakily announcing, on twitter, that Enterprise will become the third Star Trek series on bluray, starting next year!:
Have it on good authority that another Trek series is making its Blu-Ray debut early next year...
Trippin' down memory lane: just wrapped up an interview for the @StarTrek Enterprise season 1 Blu-Ray set coming next year. #itsabouttime
About time, that the only native HD Trek series got its bluray release! I wonder if this is a sign the TNG blurays have done incredibly well? Or maybe they're just trying to ride the new movie wave. Either way I can't wait!


Commodore Adams said...

Its about time. As an Enterprise fan I was fretting that because of poor ratings it would be the last show to make it to blu-ray. I assumes that after TNG it would continue with DS9 and VOY. I like this move, ENT is native HD, throwing it on blu-ray would not take much, nothing like TNG. But I am dying to see DS9 on blu-ray.

8of5 said...

I agree with everything you've said!

In fact I was slightly worried we might never see it; there seems an annoying habit of only doing DVD releases of less popular shows - The second season of Stargate Universe, and Terra Nova both frustrate me in this department.

Commodore Adams said...

Understandable. I never watched Terra Nova and I never really gave Stargate Universe a chance, im more of a SG1 and Atlantis fan, but ill get to Universe one day.

I am just going through the DS9 seasons now, just started season 5, so im getting into the good stuff. Yes Enterprise will look fantastic on the blu but I eagerly await DS9 on blu, especial the Dominion arc.

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