Wednesday 14 March 2012

Worlds of DS9: Andor, auf Deutsch

Cross Cult have released the cover art for their edition of Worlds of Deep Space Nine - Andor: Paradigm (Die Welten von Deep Space Nine: Andor - Paradigma), which will be the second book in their six book release of the series (see previous posts for the other covers for the series). This also shows us the overall cover design for the first time:

You can see the finalised covers (with the titles and such) for the first three books in the series on Cross Cult's Star Trek books website.


rocketdave said...

Cripes, Ensign ch'Thane is so eerie looking. I always get the feeling he should be staring out from the cover of some alien National Geographic.

8of5 said...

Oh wow, they should totally make a National Geographic style edition of the Star Trek Magazine!

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