Monday 30 August 2010

This and That

A few little updates from various things Trek:

The second Starfleet Academy book is now titled The Edge, rather than the earlier working title The Competitive Edge. The Simon and Schuster website now also confirms Amazon's recent listings of a third and fourth book in the series in by Rudy Josephs in April and Rick Barba in May next year.

Cross Cult have released an updated version of the cover artwork for their German language edition of A Stitch in Time. Looks like this:

As brought to my attention by Therin of Andor's blog, an Australian company, Wilkinson Publishing, has now started reprinting IDW Star Trek titles for release in the Australian market. They started a couple of weeks ago with TNG: Ghosts and Motion Picture Trilogy omnibuses, and with the first issue of Burden of Knowledge, and have now released the second issue of that series as well. Therin has a comparison of that second issue on his site. And a press release about this new arrangement can be found, here.

UPDATE: Having looked into Wilkinson a bit more, it seems they have release the Ghosts omnibus in hardcover! Nice.

Mark Rademaker has announced his plans for the Voyager Full Circle refit. The plan includes several updates to the hull, new warp nacelles and a new deflector. A full listing can be found on his blog.

And finally, Star Trek Online players can now play as an Excelsior class!


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