Wednesday 11 August 2010

Project Full Circle update

Mark Rademaker has posted a couple of updates on his blog, detailing the progress on his project to model the Project Full Circle fleet. First up, the Aventine mark II model has been scraped (just as I was getting used to the new pointer design!), Rademaker is considered giving the two Full Circle Vesta class ships, using rebuilt version of the mark I model, different paint jobs to distinguish them from the Aventine and each other. He is also working on the Merian class, of which there are to be three in fleet, so presumably the three science vessels, like the recently previewed USS Planck.

Rademaker expects the rest of the fleet to progress in the new year after having worked on a refit design for Voyager, updating her escape pods and deflector, giving her new slipstream friendly longer nacelles, and otherwise bringing the design up to date.

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