Friday 6 August 2010

Infestation, and hints from Chris Ryall have posted an interview with Chris Ryall. It doesn't give us much news, except for hinting at something coming early next year: "Star Trek TOS factors hugely into IDW’s “Infestation,” our big event starting in early 2011"

He also talked about IDW's general approach to Trek, in interesting contrast to Andy Mangels' recent report: "That’s been the goal from the start, even when just working on TOS and TNG properties: to offer something for every era of Trek fans. That’ll always be our ongoing mission, too, to make sure there’s a Trek in every pullbox of any comic fan who wants one, whatever the era."

UPDATE: Been doing a bit of googling, it seems Infestation was announced at the San Diego Comic Con, and is a big event coming next year featuring Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Ghost Busters, CVO (?), and potentially some other series! What sort of event isn't specified, a common foe across realities, infesting realities? Or direct crossover?? Who knows, other than that it "will be in continuity and will have lasting effects within each series". (I hope they talk the Jurassic Park and Doctor Who licensors into this too, I'd love to see Trek crossovers with those two!)

In non-Star Trek related news, it also seems that John Byrne will be doing a three part Jurassic Park series next year!!

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