Thursday 6 May 2010

Captain's Logs

TrekMovie have announced the final selection of captains for IDW's Captain's Log series. They are:

-Pike (September), by Stuart Moore, with art by J. K. Woodward.
-Jellico (October/November), by Keith R. A. DeCandido, art by Gordon Purcell.
-Garrett (November/December) by Robert Greenberger, art by George Freeman

A nice mix of creators and captains I think (especially another Pike story), although disappointing to see we're still not getting a Titan comic! And notable that J.K. Woodward seems to have switched, from his previously announced work with KRAD on the Jellico issue to doing the Pike issue.

UPDATE: KRAD has commented on this very blog-post, and elsewhere, that TrekMovie have been misinformed and his Jellico issue is still being illustrated by J.K. Woodward. With the obvious assumption being that Gordon Purcell gets the Pike issue. Robert Greenberger has also noted on his blog that his Enterprise-C crew is derived from the novel Well of Souls, which gives me continuity pleasure.

UPDATE 2: Woodward is doing both the Pike and Jellico issues, see more, here.


Keith R.A. DeCandido said...

J.K. hasn't switching anything, TrekMovie got it wrong. Dunno who's doing Pike, but J.K. is indeed drawing Jellico, not Gordon.

(Not that I object to Gordon, but, well, he ain't doin' it. Maybe he's on Pike?)

8of5 said...

Thanks for the heads up :)

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