Sunday 9 May 2010

Starfleet Academy Untitled #2, now with title!

The second of the young adult Starfleet Academy novels out this year, written by Rick Barba, has now been given a working title in Simon and Schuster’s digital catalogue: The Delta Anomaly

Although another anomaly seems to have formed, as the catalogue no longer lists Starfleet Academy Untitled #1!

UPDATE: What was formaly Starfleet Academy Untitled #1, by Rudy Josephs, seems to have become the second book in the series, as Simon and Schuster's main website now lists it for release in January 2011, and a working title of The Competitive Edge.

Thanks to Michael, the reader who pointed out the second title to me in the comment below!


Michael said...

The Rudy Josephs one has moved to January, it seems - it's on the .com listing as "The Competitive Edge". The .biz Simon Spotlight catalogue doesn't reach that far yet.

8of5 said...

A-ha, well spotted!

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