Tuesday 25 May 2010

Latest from Round 2

The Round 2 blog has been updated with announcements of forthcoming model kit re-releases. These include:

1:1400 scale USS Enterprise-D, featuring new aztecing decals, and modelled in clear plastic so modellers can add lighting.1:537 scale USS Reliant, with modifications to the molds to make it more accurate, and the option to buy separate new aztecing decals.
1:350 scale Klingon Bird-of-Prey, with new landing gear parts!


CaptNakai said...

It's always exciting to see new ST kits come out, but you have a typo in the description of the 1701D model - that should read 1:1400 scale, not 1:14000. That would make the model less than 2 inches long...

8of5 said...

Whoops! Lucky my readers pay attention, that's my second error correction today!

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