Tuesday 25 May 2010

STO updates

The latest Star Trek Online special task force mission has been released, here's how Cryptic describes it:

Our latest Special Task Force mission, "Undine Terradome," presents all new challenges and introduces a new menace to Admiral-ranked players.

It all starts simply enough: You're tasked with investigating a strange energy signature, but things quickly take a turn for the dangerous when you uncover an Undine terradome! As you investigate its exterior, you'll happen upon a Federation ship captained by none other than Akira Sulu, Admiral Quinn's stalwart officemate back on Earth Space Dock. Something seems off about him, though ....

Once you've sufficiently pacified the space surrounding the terradome, you'll beam down to its decks and discover some familiar surroundings: Inside, it looks very similar to DS9. The Undine are planning to invade Federation space!

As you make your way through the Undine DS9, you'll rescue captured Federation officers, eventually moving to the bowels of the terradome to engage the Undine mastermind behind the invasion plan. Can you prevent the invasion from occurring? Play "Special Task Force: Undine Terradome" to find out!

Cryptic have also announced their plans for future updates, these include a bunch of little updates in the near future, and plans for "season 2" (coming before the end of July) including:
-Federation Diplomatic Corps
-Faction-free episodes
-Klingon-exclusive episodes
-Bumping the cap
-Ship interiors
-Weekly content, with new missions coming on a regular basis.

Full details, here.

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