Thursday 24 September 2009

Star Trek Online update

Lots of updates from the world of Star Trek Online lately; MMORPG have posted an article on the game explaining some of the features in it, and coming with four new screencaps, including these two:

The Star Trek Online website has also been updated, with a new ship; the Discovery class, a next generation Intrepid class with big tail fins...

The Path to 2409 has progressed, with a supplemental log implying Sela's gang of Romulans have made an alliance with the Hirogen. And the next year, 2392, featuring a Federation presidential election, more on the Gorn-Klingon War, and developments with the Cardassians and Romulan colonies.

And the Star Trek Online website also has a couple of new screencaps, like this one:


STO Guide said...

the game is going to be epic :)
my only concern is the lack of klingon material at launch..for example have a look at the information on ships..i only see fed klingon ships

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STO Guide said...

the link is
Star trek online guide

Sto fan said...

I am told the ship customization on star trek online is amazong....its going to be totally awesome.
Star trek online guide

8of5 said...

The Klingon side sounds generally smaller in scope, but has some potential. Chec out:

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