Saturday 5 September 2009

The new animated series that never was

Zero Room Productions (the company behind the proposal for a new online animated Star Trek series a few years back) have but together a website detailing that animated series that never was, which was apparently to be titled "Final Frontier". The website goes into some detail on the production history, the in-universe background and designs for characters and ships: In a dark future following a major war, a rather less sleek than usual starship Enterprise patrols the borders of a Federation that has lost its way.

The series sounds fascinating, as is some of the design work, especially the new Enterprise, which works in a similar fashion to the idea of the original trilogy Star Wars designs being a step in a harder direction following the fall of a golden age.

I think the biggest loss here may not be so much the lack of a small animated series, but the loss of a quite interesting sounding future history for Star Trek, a little more involving that Star Trek Online's "EVRYONE IS AT WAR" set up... Anyway, you should check out the website for all sorts of interesting information on this Star Trek that never happened.


Frederick said...

I for one am very glad this series never happened. From the first I heard of it several years ago, I was not for it. It seemed to be Star Wars with a Trek spin. Trek is not about wars, but exploration and the human adventure.

Interesting designs, but to me, only for the historic look at a series that for some good reasons never caem to see light of day.

Darkwing said...

Personally, I found the idea exciting. It's not about the wars; that's the wrong impression to garner from it. The Rennaissance would never have been so important if it weren't for the Dark Age after the fall of Rome. Or to put it another way, this would have been Trek's take on A Canticle For Liebowitz. The Human Adventure cannot mean anything if it remains on a sunlit, well-blazed trail to a happy, shiny place. A dark aftermath seeking to rebuild, trying to recapture lost ideals is far more dramatic and makes us ask "who are we, and who should we be?", whereas a rich, peaceful, stable milieu that gazes down on those less-developed simply lectures us. This would have been far better than the empty plotless movie we got instead.

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