Tuesday 1 September 2009

DVD update: limited editions, best ofs, and covers

Lots of new DVD news too. Amazon is now listing a new limited edition version of the bluray of the new Star Trek film, which for a bargain $90 ($130 rrp) you get an 8.5 inch solid metal model of the Enterprise, limited to 5000 copies. Fancy.

TrekMovie and TVShowsonDVD also report on two new Best of Collections for TOS and TNG episodes. Each release includes four episodes:

Best of TOS II
-Where No Man Has Gone Before
-Space Seed
-A Piece of the Action
-Journey to Babel

Best of TNG II
-The Inner Light
-Cause and Effect

They also report new details on the TOS Season 2 bluray, with updated box art featuring accurate science insignia and news on the special tribble disc: The TAS episode is HD from the original negatives (TAS bluray set on the way?), while the DS9 episode is upscaled because the episode was edited on tape. Ah well.

Finally Play.com are listing a box-set of the first ten Star Trek movies, with some very early box art, with some sort of 3D-looking TV era Enterprise on it...

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