Wednesday 6 February 2008

The Ultimate Computer remastered have posted an image from the remastered version of "The Ultimate Computer", which features something a treat for Star Trek books fans, a Watchtower class (or very similar, smaller, variant) space station, Masao Okazaki's design for Starbase Vanguard from the Star Trek: Vanguard novel series!

UPDATE: TrekMovie have posted an interview with the remastering team, and further images from the episode. They confirm the station design comes form Vanguard and that the Woden will be replaced with a TAS style cargo drone.
See several more images and the full interview, here.


Anonymous said...

That's the Watchtower design, but it's smaller in scale than Vanguard. The Constitution class ship docked to that station couldn't fit into its enclosed docking area, as they can at Vanguard.

8of5 said...

Indeed, my take on it exactly.

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