Wednesday 6 February 2008


Diamond Select Toys have announced a new mego-style figure to continue their retro range; Kahn Noonien Singh from "Space Seeds", here's how they sum it up:

DST is excited to announce the first exclusive release in the ongoing line of retro-inspired Star Trek cloth figures will be one of Captain Kirk’s most dangerous foes – the nefarious Khan Noonien Singh! Available exclusively through Hastings and Planet X stores, this limited figure is based on his debut appearance in the classic episode “Space Seed.” The figure was sculpted by and is manufactured in conjunction with Emce Toys!

The first completely original design to join the ranks of the Star Trek retro cloth figure line, Khan features the same articulation and detail, making this a must-have figure for fans of the original Mego toy line as well as DST’s new line of releases.

Read DST's release, here, and a nifty article on about this figure and previous inKahnations, here.

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