Tuesday 19 February 2008

No HD TOS season 2, for now.

Horrah the high definition DVD format war is over, and bluray is victorious. I was hoping bluray would win from the start, though personally think you'd have to be pretty daft to actually buy ether format until today.

Unfortunately Paramount backed the wrong side and the remastered Original Series DVDs were being released on HD-DVD, which within a month or two will be all but gone. As a result the second season release on HD-DVD, originally due in a couple of months, has been cancelled. On the flip side it's only a matter of time now until Paramount will surely announce they will cease backing HD-DVD and follow the rest of the industry into backing Bluray, which means it's likely TOS remastered, Enterprise and all the movies will be making their way to bluray release in the not too distant future. Woo!

For more on recent events in the format war and their effect on Star Trek see TrekMovie.com's report. For the report confirming the season 2 HD-DVD has been cancelled look, here. And for more news on the format war in general have a looksie at HDDVD.org or formatwarcentral.com, or for news on bluray, have a look, here.

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