Wednesday 27 February 2008

Andrew Steven Harris talks IDW Star Trek

The Fanboy Face-Off podcast have released an interview with IDW's Star Trek editor Andrew Steven Harris. Harris talked quite widely about his work on Star Trek, some of his personal history and IDW and the comics industry in general. Some of the highlights of the Star Trek talk (which the podcast was predominantly about) were:

Talking about the New Frontier miniseries, Turnaround, he described it as a "Star Trek version of The Hunt for Red October". And continuing to talk about the Second Stage titles went on to note how well D.C. Fontana and Derek Chester had got into comic book writing; their script for The Enterprise Experiment was apparently returned from approval by CBS Paramount with no changes.

On the potential for future miniseries he once again noted how much demand there is for DS9 comics, from both fans and creators pitching to IDW, but also noted how it is something of a juggling act for IDW to do DS9; as despite the demand DS9 universally sells less than TOS and TNG. However if IDW can iron out the finances of it they are 100% for doing DS9.

Similarly he mentioned the popularity of Pike stories and how they face a similar problem of potentially under performing compared to comics featuring Kirk. (so go and buy the Vulcan and Orion Alien Spotlights people, they need to eclipse the sales of Kirk!) He also name dropped Captain April as something to test the viability of in a one shot... might we have an April era Alien Spotlight on the horizon?

Finally, on his Alien Spotlight on the Borg, he noted how he originally had a twenty-four page script for the issue but was forced to cut it down to the usual twenty-two pages to fit in the art budget for the issue. And noted how proud he was of the issue which has been one of the most positively reviewed Trek comics IDW have produced.

Listen to the full interview, in which Harris talks more about IDW, himself and Star Trek; including his desire get Paramount to make The Animated Series canon, here.

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