Sunday 20 May 2007

Star Trek: The Manga 2 writers and artists

I was doing some googling and managed to find out who is working on Tokyopop's second Star Trek manga anthology Star Trek: The Manga 2 "Kahan Ni Shinkou".

Paul Benjamin will be working with artist Steven Cummings on a story featuring Spock, McCoy and Kirk on Vulcan.

Christine Boylan will be working with Bettina Kurkoski on a story.

And the final three writers are, as we already knew, Wil Wheaton, along with Mike Wellman and Trek novelist Diane Duane, and the other three artists are Ej Su who worked on the first anthology along with Don Hudson and Nam Kim.

Sources: Interview with Paul Benjamin, Bettina Kurkoski's deviantART blog.

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