Tuesday 15 May 2007

Minimates wave 2

Diamond Select Toys have announced in their latest Radical Confidential webzine type thing the next wave of Star Trek Minimates. The announcement reads:

The soon-to-break-away hit Star Trek Minimates will continue their legendry journey through the cosmos with this second series of pint-sized adventurers! Featuring two-packs of your favourite Original Series crew members, this series is set to contain Battle Damage Captain Kirk and Gorn, Mr. Spock and Uhura from "The Cage", Sulu and Chekov and the limited swashbuckling Sulu.

Designed and sculpted by the masterful artisans of Art Asylum, these interstellar Minimates will be in scale with past 2" releases and will feature the same articulation and detail of past waves. With Minimate-sized accessories included with each release, set your phasers to stun and prepare to embark on a fantastic five-year mission of your own!

Diamond Select Toys' first wave of minimates will be out in July and will include two packs of Captain Kirk and Spock, Captain Pike and Vina as an Orion slave girl, Scotty & Dr. McCoy and the limited edition Dress Uniform McCoy:

Art Asylum previously released a wave of Trek minimates when they held the Star Trek toys license back in 2001, though those were a different scale to the new ones.

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